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Image - BacklinkRhinoBacklink Rhino is an advanced backlinks cloud-based tool that finds you high quality, high authority powerful backlink opportunities: Wikipedia backlinks.

Google loves WikiPedia, getting backlinks from Wikipedia makes Google trust (and rank) your sites/pages/videos

And BacklinkRhino software will find Wikipedia pages where the domain has expired and can be re-registered for a few dollars, just the same as a regular domain.

This kind of backlink is often offered as a service from 'SEO' companies who charge $50-$100+ for just 1 backlink.

With Backlink Rhino you can search for as many as you want, and once you own the domain you have far more flexibility what you can use the backlinks for!

Using just 1 backlink from your own domain linked to from Wikipedia will get you far more Google ranking juice than buying a bunch of low quality links from other services...

This Tool Lets You Cash In THREE Different Ways:

  • Use the software to send traffic to your own monetized sites, offers or videos
  • Drive traffic for your clients and charge either per-campaign or monthly
  • Make quick windfall profits flipping domains - Backlink Rhino finds the best opportunities FOR you

When It Comes To Backlinks & Ranking, Wikipedia Backlinks Are The Gold Standard!

Not only can you use these links for yourself, you could easily charge clients for providing these backlinks and even charge them monthly for them as an SEO service, creaing a long term recurring income stream for your business.

You could even sell the domains on Flippa for quick profits!

If you want to rank on demand for high demand buyer keywords this is the most effective way.

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WikiPedia is Google’s best friend, because it does all the things Google loves. The content is regularly updated by millions of users. The links go to genuine and highly relevant pages.

So WikiPedia controls an UNFAIR amount of search traffic … and now you can get your hands on that traffic yourself.

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Free Developer License to this $59 valued premium WordPress theme!

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Yes, I Want This 1-Click SEO Tools + All The Bonuses

Brought to you by Leo (BCBiz) and Matt Garrett (BacklinkRhino Founder)
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