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Turbo Push Notifications Software - Exclusive Review & Bonus For Leo (BCBiz) Customers

Grab The Software For Less Than TEN Bucks - Price Jumps To $14.95 In:


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From your friend,
Leo (BCBiz) and Jonathan Teng (TurboPLR co-founder)
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What Is Turbo Push Notifications?

Image - SoftwareTurbo Push Notifications is the easiest way ever to send push notifications to your online visitors, hence making it easy for them to signup with just 1 click in order to receive your news, special offers and promos directly to their browsers.

This is a much better solution from other services because it lets you to host the software on your own server / web hosting.. PLUS you get a Resale Right License to the software.

Feel free to use it for your own projects, for your clients, add unlimited users, install on unlimited domains and you can even RESELL the software and keep the profit 100% for yourself ;-)

And here are THREE biggest benefits you'll get..

Reason #1: Hosted & Simple Solution

Yes there are services online that offer you similar functionality, however they have these big flaws:

First, they pose limits on the NUMBER of subscribers you can have and they charge you a fee after that.

Then second, other software like Pushcrew, PushResponse (which was launched on JVZoo few weeks ago) display their domain names on your push-notifications messages & on the popup box on your website.

I think it's not cool and pretty unfair that your readers seeing their domain names instead of your domain. That's why you need this software, so there will be no 3rd party branding :)

  • You do not need to depend on an online service, neither are you limited by the criteria opposed by other services offered online ;-)
  • You can install the software as many times you want to serve unlimited sites
  • You can have literally unlimited number of users signing up for getting your notifications
  • No WordPress is needed
  • No HTML knowledge is needed

Reason #2: Resale Rights Opportunity

The software comes with Resale Rights license. So you can use it for your own projects + for your clients + you can resell the software to as many people as you want.

It comes with a professional sales letter, thank you page, professional graphics, etc. You can sell it and keep all the money in your pocket.

There's definitely a LOT of money to be made in selling such a system and you're going to LOVE it ;-)

Reason #3: No Monthly Fee

If you go to other services like PushCrew or SendPulse, you have to pay a monthly fee. While with Turbo PushNotifications you just need to make a 1 time payment of less than ten bucks (during the earlybird)

Leo (BCBiz) Customers EXCLUSIVE Bonuses When You Order Turbo Push Notifications Software Through This Page:

This software is a simple & affordable solution compare to many other services, especially considering there is NO LIMITATION + custom domain branding that it gives you... So I put a great bonuses for you when you pick the software up from my link.


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Dynamo Multi-Purpose WP Theme - You can use this premium theme to build your push-notifications business website. Besides business websites, this theme is also perfect for eCom sites, personal blog sites and portfolio sites ;-)

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From your friend,
Leo (BCBiz) and Jonathan Teng (TurboPLR co-founder)
Image - Jonathan Image - Jonathan

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2 responses to “Exclusive Bonuses For Turbo PushNotifications Software”

  1. Joel Cole says:

    Do the bonuses include resale rights?

    • Leo (BCBiz) says:

      Hi Joel,
      Currently only the CommissionSwipe, you get PLR license to it.
      And I will add some more bonuses with whitelabel license very soon :) :)

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