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ViralLoop is a WordPress theme that once set up (within MINUTES) is going to allow you to leverage other people’s viral content for your OWN profits.

It turns your site visitors into interactive members and content creators who will happily share your site all over internet bringing you free traffic ;-)

Image - Viral Loop Traffic

Image - Viral Loop Traffic

Use Coupon Code earlybird To Save More Money ;-)


Here's Some Important THINGS You Might Want To Know About ViralLoop Launch

NOTE: Be sure to bookmark this page and look out for my email on Apr 28th at 11am EST for your Early Bird discount + instant access to ALL my bonuses below :) :)

  • The Price & License

    They’re offering the Unlimited Developer License straight away on the salespage. The starting price will be $27 – $37 (price rise up gradually during the launch period).

    This theme looks GREAT out of the box and has a collection of one click preset themes. Here’s what you can get after you upload and activate this powerful WP theme:

    [+] Create fully fledged viral sites instantly on install
    [+] Automatically capture new members email addresses
    [+] Monetize your traffic with perfect ad placements
    [+] Benefit from our ‘list builder’ technology
    [+] Allow a growing tribe to create new posts with just a few clicks

  • The FUNNEL (OTOs, Upsell, etc)

    There will be several one time offers on this launch.

    The 1st OTO is Viral Kickstart ($37). This package gives you a bundle of 10 DFY viral websites in various niche (Internet Marketing, Dating, Weight Loss, etc)

    The 2nd OTO is Viral Cash Machine which gives you a bundle of 10 copy & paste autoresponder messages for the 10 niches on Viral Kickstart.

    Then the 3rd OTO is Viral Survey, which is not too recommended because it’s quite complicated (sorry!).

    I put the OTO links on this page so if you want you can purchase them bypassing the main salespage. And you’ll get ALL my bonuses no matter if you buy the main product ONLY or 1 of the OTOs only :)

  • Should You Get This Theme?

    Definitely YES if you want to have a websites that runs on REALLY autopilot, getting lots of viral traffic and can be easily monetized with Adsense, CPA or any affiliate programs (Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, etc)

    Getting traffic is becoming even more challenging these days..

    Nowadays, PEOPLE prefer to open an app and scrolling their social newsfeed rather than opening their browser to visit some sites (aka, your site).

    And that’s where this THEME COMES IN..

    ViralLoop is the all-in-one WordPress Theme that allows you to turn regular website visitors into interactive members and content creators, generating custom profiles, easily building fresh content and sharing it with their social circles for massive, unstoppable viral traffic generation.

    With its amazingly simple post creator, you can have your own viral, money-grabbing posts up in less than 60 seconds

Use Coupon Code earlybird To Save More Money ;-)


And Because You Are 1 Of Our Preferred Customers, You Are Qualified To:


Grab ViralLoop WP Theme From Our Link And You Will Be Given Instant Access To ALL These Exclusive Bonuses Below :)

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Bonus #1: Get 2 Of Our Products For FREE

Image - BonusYou can choose 2 our products that you want to get for free. You'll get Developer License + free updates for life.

See & pick our products from here:

Bonus #2: InstaCleaner WP Optimizer Plugin

Image - BonusWordPress can eats your web hosting resources like CRAZY..

Once your website gets viral & getting bigger, it will start loads heavier due to tons of junk files & database (Revisions history, Spam comments, Trash comments, Trash post, etc)

This plugin will help you to clean up those junk and optimize your WP site with 1-CLICK

InstaCleaner is a nice little plugin to improve speed, efficiency, security, SEO, and user experience of your viral niche sites ;-)

Bonus #3: KeywordsToLink WP Plugin

Image - Bonus

Bonus #4: WP BotBlocker

Image - Bonus

Bonus #5: OktoHide WP Security Plugin

Image - BonusWhen your site gets viral & getting bigger, it is more vulnerable to security attack.

But don't worry! Simply use our plugin to hide the fact that your viral niche site is using WordPress!

Therefore, hackers can't attack your site using common methods they usually use to hack other WP sites ;-)


Brought to you By Leo (BCBiz) & Cindy Battye (ViralLoop Founder)
Image - Leo & Cindy

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5 responses to “ViralLoop Sneak Peek + Exclusive Bonus”

  1. Bruce D says:

    hi leo

    the salespage link doesnt work. Can I preview the salespage please, it looks promising

  2. Mike R says:

    Being a long time buyer from you, Leo, I am assuming this theme is responsive, but I haven’t read anything on the Sales page about it. The question is will I eventually be able to add Schema and AMP to the Theme or any other type plug ins, I might want?

    Mike R

    • Leo (BCBiz) says:

      Hi Mike,

      Yes, it’s responsive and mobile friendly.

      Theme standard increases..

      So responsive, mobile friendly, theme panel, free updates, easy customization and etc are a standard nowadays and doesn’t even count as a feature or advantages anymore, because, well, it’s standard :-D

      For adding Schema and AMP, here’s a recommended free plugin that I usually use:

  3. Mike R says:

    Thanks, Leo

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Use Coupon Code earlybird To Save More Money ;-)

EarlyBird Pricing ENDS and Price Goes Up By $2 Exactly In: