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WP TrafficUp Plugin - Exclusive Sneakpeek & Bonus

92.4% of Visitors Are No Longer Seeing Your Pages + How to Solve It...

From your friend Leo (BCBiz) and Mark Hess (TrafficUp creator)

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Goes Live Friday, 16th September at 10am EST (7AM PST - 3PM GMT)

What Is WP Traffic Up?

Image - WP Traffic UpWe all know exit popups work. Many of us use exit popups so that we don’t waste traffic, get more subscribers, and make more money.

However, due to recent changes made to both the Chrome and Safari Internet browsers, the exit pops on your site no longer work.

Since 72.4% of people use Chrome as their Internet browser, this is a very big deal because they are not seeing your exit popups properly.

And WP Traffic Up cures that by doing something totally unique. As visitors attempt to exit your site, any page you choose (even if you don’t own the site) will slide in using one of the 9 built-in animations.

WP Traffic Up Demo

Here are some live examples of WP Traffic Up, click the link below and try to close your tab/browser.

Demo 1: WP Traffic Up Using A Static Page
Demo 2: WP Traffic Up With Any URL

Remember, you can display any webpage for your "exit offer" :o)

For example: if you are reviewing a product on your website, then you can display the actual salespage (with your affiliate link) on the "exit offer" that you create with WP Traffic Up.

Launch Details & Pricing Info

Main Offer:
5 site ($9) or Unlimited Site License ($9.95)

OTO 1:
WP Traffic Up PRO + Developer License ($17.95)

OTO 2:
WP Download Express ($17.95)

Get My EXCLUSIVE Bonus Below!

Grab WP TrafficUp plugin from my link, and you will get instant access to all these bonuses below..

Exclusive Bonus 1: TrueReview WP Theme ($39 value)

Premium review theme for your affiliate sites ;-)

Image - Bonus

Exclusive Bonus 2: FB Hot Content Seeker Plugin ($29 value)

Image - Bonus

Exclusive Bonus 3: SuperNews WP Theme ($39 value)

Premium theme for your viral/news/adsense/niche sites ;-)

Image - Bonus

Exclusive Bonus 4: Interactive WP Theme ($59 value)

Great niche theme for your money sites ;-)

Image - Bonus

And these 5 bonuses from Mark Hess & his partner:

Image - Bonus

Image - Bonus

Image - Bonus

Image - Bonus

Image - Bonus

OTO Only Bonus

Image - Bonus

Image - Bonus

From your friend Leo (BCBiz) and Mark Hess (TrafficUp creator)

Image - Leo Image - Mark Hess

How To Claim The Bonus:
1.) Get WP TrafficUp from this page or via my email
2.) Locate your purchase on
3.) The bonus download link will present on your WarriorPlus receipt page
4.) If you buy 1 of the OTO, reply my email to claim the 2 WhiteLabel bonus :)

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2 responses to “WP TrafficUp- Exclusive Bonus & Review”

  1. Alexander Arauz says:

    Is there by chance a cookie function so that my visitors are not inundated with these “exit popups” on every page they visit?

    • Leo (BCBiz) says:

      Hi Alexander,
      Currently I’m only seeing the exit animation shows up once in every visit.
      I’ll talk with Mark Hess if he can add the cookie function :o)

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